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JAM Post is looking for freelance editors to edit documents written by Japanese researcher and physicians. The documents have been written in English and require varying degrees of editing and proofreading.



Each document requires one or more of the editing types; the end result should be a document that is ready for publication in an English language medical journal.

  • Editing

Rewrite sentences and paragraphs to improve the clarity, logic, and flow.

  • Proofreading & Copy editing

Correct spelling, capitalization, grammar, and punctuation; ensure consistency of style and tense; and revise inaccurate terms.

  • Formatting

When applicable, format the abstract, text, tables, figures, legends, and references according to the journal's Instructions to Authors or the Uniform Requirements for Biomedical Journals.


Editing Details

  • Journal

JAM Post will provide the target journal, and you should follow the journal requirements. If no journal is provided, please follow the Uniform Requirements for Manuscripts Submitted to Biomedical Journals (Vancouver Style)

  • Editing Style

The editing style depends on you. You can completely change or delete sentences as needed, but please try to follow the author's intention.  If the author's meaning is not clear, indicate exactly which part is not clear, so the doctor can provide clarification.    

  • Comments

Customers appreciate comments or questions, and these can be included in the document (enclosed in brackets or parentheses, bolded, highlighted, etc.). General comments can be included at the beginning of the document.

  • Track Changes

Use the Track Changes function in your word processor so the customer can see your changes.   

  • Misc Errors

Pay attention to errors that non-native speakers make, such as inconsistent use of “a” and “the”. 

  • Spell Check

Use the spell checker to find spelling mistakes that you may have overlooked.  

  • Final Check

Please double-check your work when finished.  We often finds mistakes that should have been caught by editors.  We plan to start using the evaluation system to reward consistenly excellent and careful editors with a bonus, so please be careful!!


  • Follow-up

The customer will sometimes have questions about the editing, and we will forward these to you for follow-up.  The customer will not contact you directly.

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